Wine Country Connect, together with, created the “One Wine at a Time” concept in 2006. is the pioneer in the “one-deal-a-day” internet model beginning with the ever-successful electronics site by the same name,

The wine division of -- Wine.Woot -- allows the winery and consumer to focus on one product offering at a time. This innovative model has proven to be highly successful and a way in which large quantities of wines are sold in a short time period.

  • Wine.Woot has 300,000+ hits a week on the site
  • Over 50,000 active buyers have made a purchase from wineries through Wine.Woot
  • The overall demographic of Wine.Woot are progressive, tech-savvy buyers
  • Pricing is attractive and buyers understand the limited offer timeline
  • The Wine.Woot community of loyal followers is the envy of the industry
  • Educational, informative and intimate blog conversations enhance the buying experience for both the buyer and producer creating a lasting relationship.

The result of this experience for a winery includes a COMMUNITY of new buyers interacting during the "deal" and extending far beyond. Wineries experience abundant return sales and new wine club memberships. "Wooters" are dedicated and loyal followers.

Each winery offering through Wine.Woot is managed by Wine Country Connect, including web site preparation, creative copy, interactive community blog content, customer data retention and fulfillment of orders on behalf of the winery.

"What really separates Wine.Woot from other online avenues is the intimacy between the winery and the online community." David Studdert, President, Wine Country Connect

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