Groupon Goods® launched in 2011 and has delivered products to the doors of millions of eager and engaged customers.
Groupon Goods® has become an industry leader and is on a two billion dollar run rate globally.

Reasons to use Wine Country Connect to feature your wine on Groupon Goods:

  • Large Buying Audience- Groupon has over 41 million active customers
  • The Customers You Want- 80% have college degrees, 68% make over 50k per year
  • Mobile- Nearly 50% of Groupon’s U.S. transactions occur on mobile; 50 million Groupon apps downloaded worldwide
  • No packing, labeling or shipping- Wine Country Connect does it all.

Wine Country Connect has designed a mechanism that allows a winery to easily work with Groupon Goods, reach millions of online customers, and sell wine, quickly and efficiently.

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