Launching Wine.Woot in 2006, Wine Country Connect was the first to market with the producer-direct model of selling wine.

In 2005, David and George Studdert, brothers and co-founders, combined their extensive knowledge in wine fulfillment and logistics, to form Wine Country Connect. Recognizing an opportunity, as the result of the Granholm Supreme Court ruling favoring producer direct, Wine Country Connect was formed to assist wineries in promoting and selling their wine in a Direct-to-Consumer manner through strategic relationships with websites that possess significant web audience and visitation.

David and George aligned Wine Country Connect with web industry revolutionaries to create the first viable producer direct solution pioneering the interface between internet websites and wineries. This pioneering model changed the wine industry, fortuitously, as the industry continued to evolve towards the Direct-to-Consumer model.

With decades of experience, and hundreds of winery relationships, the Sonoma based Wine Country Connect Team is the established leader in the producer-direct model of wine sales.