"In my 37 years in the wine business I have developed and built many brands including Renwood, Menage a Trois and my current ventures InZinerator, Scott Harvey and Jana Wines. Wine.Woot has created a new opportunity for us and has become, by far, the most effective way to build our brands. We are very thankful for all they have helped us accomplish in the short five year history of these brands."
CEO & Winemaker | Scott Harvey Wines

"St. Supery considers its recent sale on Rue La La a whopping success. Rue La La is very conscientious about promoting products in a creative and stylish fashion, despite the "good" deal; the product prices are high and our brand image is portrayed in accord with our aspirations. We sold an abundance of our top line wines to new customers.

In addition, has proved to be a great partner for St. Supery. The new customers exposed to our wines through Woot sales have become long-term, profitable direct customers of the winery. The Woot customer is curious, social and influential among their peers. Sales on Wine.Woot deliver volume...and a starting point for communicating with potential brand champions that we might not meet otherwise."
VP, Direct Marketing and Sales | St. Supery Vineyards & Winery

"In our first sale on Rue La La we gained over 300 "new" customers who may not have ever tried our wines before. Iron Horse is difficult to find in retail stores, so this is a way to reach consumers while keeping the brand's identity intact. The presentation of the brand on the site was fantastic!

Wine.Woot offers a slightly different story. That site has fostered a real community and experience for Wooters who often visit our winery after being introduced on the Wine.Woot site. It's great interacting with consumers on the website.

So much has changed in sales & marketing…especially in how people shop. No one channel is sufficient. I think we need them all."
CEO | Iron Horse Vineyards